About Us

Our story started in London, the Summer of 2014. My foodie friend Hsin and I were discussing our favourite desserts (we met as part time waitresses at a fancy Japanese restaurant in Central London) and realised we both love creme brûlées. As we were swapping recipes, we started trying out new flavours and ways of baking them... The Brulerie was born!

We baked and baked, and started selling them at food markets and food fairs in London and to our immense relief had amazing feedback! We were interviewed & filmed by the press, had bloggers write about us... people couldn’t get enough of our creme brûlées!

Fast forward to 2020 in Singapore and inspired by all the exciting local flavours, I have started experimenting and baking brûlées again. We’ve come up with a new menu given all the fresh & exotic ingredients available in Singapore. We hope you like them as much as we do!


We are always experimenting with new flavours & combinations, so feel free to hit us up with any ideas!

With love, Janice 


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